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Hujber, Günter


Was born in Velké Losiny, Czech Republic, on 20 May 1966. He graduated from The Technical University in Brno. During his studies there he was inspired by his colleague’s paintings which started him in his first art experiments with pencil. His first pictures were mostly nudes and oil miniatures of landscapes. Further experimentation led him to add elements of dreams and symbolism into his pure nudes. His contemporary works are probably closest to symbolism in style, contrary to surrealism, given the large number of hidden symbols in the majority of his paintings.

Gunter receives his inspiration from dreams, music (from classical to heavy metal and industrial music) and literature (mainly F.Kafka, B.Hrabal and R.Bach).Apart from painting, he occasionally writes poems and makes other projects with his friends such as recordings of short surrealistic films and improvised alternative music collages (mixtures of music, different sounds, noises, etc.). Gunter is able to produce masterpieces on oil, art graphics and combined techniques.

Used mediums:

1. Oil on canvas

2. Graphics - dotted dry-point needle and relief press

3. Combined techniques - oil painting on wooden surface combined with metal fragments (aluminum and bronze)

Exhibitions (together group exhibitions) - Velké Losiny, Šumperk, Úsov, Zábřeh, Olomouc, Prague, Hohenberg, Lilienfeld,Viena (Austria), Best of Show at Czech Art Festival -2005 in České Budějovice, Mariánské Lázně, Veltrusy, Děčín, Györujbarat (Hungary), Florida (Artfusion gallery), Paris (France), China - Tianjin, Beejing (First Price of Erotic Exlibris Competition 2011), First price of TV Nova competition of the best portrait of Ozzy Osborne

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Exlibris des Monats April 2020: Marianne Kühnel für Helmut H. Wolff, vor 2005, Klischee, 41 x 30 mm

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